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UCOP talent show and staff appreciation event brings laughter and applause

The Kaiser auditorium was full of people, laughter and applause during the 2015 UCOP talent show and staff appreciation event held on Dec. 10.

As emcee, Chief Risk Officer Cheryl Lloyd smoothly ran the talent show, which began with a departmental chorus singing “It’s all about the BRC,” before shifting to a blazing Bach concerto for two violins played by Managing Counsel Margaret Wu and Coordinator Greg Sykes. Next the “feminist ukulele collective” The Uke-C’s treated the audience to a trio of parody songs, including our favorite, “Written in the Link.” Technical Writer John Ruzicka kept the laughter flowing with his stand-up comedy act, which poked fun at techies like himself.

Between these performances, hard-fought rounds of the game “Ready Set Go” proved that UCOP staff is as competitive as it is talented, with teams vying to see who had the most knowledge about the multi-faceted UC system.

The enthusiastic audience saved its biggest applause for the staff members who were recognized by COO Rachael Nava for their dedicated service of 10 to 30 years. And throughout the event, notes of appreciation that staff had submitted about their coworkers were projected for everyone to read. Thanks to all who took the time to share these thoughts, and please take a moment to view all the incredible work happening every day at UCOP.

The event closed with the President’s Quartet singing carols and classics such as “My Favorite Things.” Among President Napolitano’s favorite things is UCOP staff, which she thanked for their “commitment and dedication” to “the best public university in the world.”

Following the talent show, everyone mingled while enjoying hors d’oeuvres, sweets and beverages generously provided by management staff.


Full list of performers:

BRC chorus: Bea Acosta, Josie Aguayo, Regine Berdan, Kimberly Dominick, Elizabeth Ellis, Lorrelie Esteban, Daniel Menzies, Brad Niess, Joyce Price, Linda Pugliesi, Gemma Rieser, Jenia Sevillano, Amal Smith, Karen Tomajan, Amy Vrizuela

Violin duo: Margaret Wu, Gregory Sykes

The Uke-Cs: Lyn Dunagan, Megan Pearse, Emily Rader

Stand-up comedy: John Ruzicka

The President’s Quartet: President Janet Napolitano, Rachael Nava, Nathan Brostrom, Debbie Obley


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  1. Emily December 22, 2015 Reply

    It looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I was out and couldn’t make it. Congratulations to all of you.

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