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UCDC students embrace Snowpocalypse 2016

What happens when a group of native Californians meet Snowpocalypse 2016 (aka Winter Storm Jonas) in Washington, D.C.? The photos speak for themselves: They have a blast.

Just three weeks into their term, UCDC students faced not just the first snow some of them had ever experienced but a blizzard of epic proportions. The mayor declared a state of emergency, streets closed, residents stocked up on supplies and business and government offices shut down. UCDC followed suit — sending its staff home, canceling classes and returning the students to the safety and comfort of Washington Center.

The nation’s capitol fell into a snowy sleep, but the students were intrigued by this magical event. Even as the storm raged, some ventured out to enjoy the snowfall or build snow sculptures on the Center’s outdoor patio, while others stayed snug inside playing board games and watching movies.

When Sunday dawned to clear skies and bright sun, that 2 feet of fresh snow was irresistible. Off the students went to build snowmen, have snowball fights at Dupont Circle and pose at the famous monuments on the National Mall. The Lincoln Memorial’s steps even became a popular place for sledding. (Bet old Abe didn’t foresee that.)

With the same enthusiasm that they bring to their studies and work, the UCDC students embraced Snowpocalypse 2016, making memories that will last long after the snow has melted.


For more photos of the students enjoying the snow, click here.

More about the UCDC program:

Every term, approximately 250 students from the UC system spend a quarter or semester in Washington, D.C. Students gain work experience by interning several days a week at an organization of their choice as well as taking classes related to their work. They both live and attend classes at UC Washington Center, an 11-story building located near the White House. 

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