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Share your event or program through Link!

Have a great program or event that you’d like to share with fellow UCOP staff members? Submit it to This information will help you get started.

How can Link help promote my event or program?

Listings submitted to Link can be promoted in the weekly Link e-newsletter, on the Link homepage, in the Link calendar and via digital slides in the Franklin lobby.

What listings qualify for Link promotion?

All Link submissions must comply with OP’s Principles of Community and fall into one of these categories:

  • Upcoming events or programs organized or sponsored by UC, UCOP or UCOP-recognized affinity groups that are open to all staff
  • Information about key UCOP events, such as Town Halls and the annual open enrollment fair
  • News about UC, including presidential updates and UCOP priorities

What information is needed to promote an event or program in Link?

Before submitting a request to Link, gather the following information:

  • Name/title of event or program
  • Brief description of what will take place
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Sponsoring staff group/department
  • Designated contact person

The following additional information should also be provided if it is applicable to the event:

  • Any speakers’ names and brief bios
  • Photo of speakers or other promotional image
  • How to register/enroll/sign up
  • Cost
  • Dial-in or web access
  • Expanded information that may interest staff, such as topics to be discussed, scheduled activities, reason event is being held, etc.

How do I submit an event to Link?

How can I maximize my promotion to employees?

Plan ahead! Interested colleagues will need advance notice to make room for your event in their schedules. Time is also needed for Link staff to create an enticing story, produce digital slides, and get your event on the Link calendar.

If you would like a promotional article about your event in Link, it should appear one to two weeks before the event date, which means you need to request the article and get all the relevant information to Link staff two to three weeks ahead.

Whenever possible, avoid competing events. When scheduling your event, first check the Link calendar to avoid scheduling your event at the same time as other planned activities. Submit your event to the Link calendar as soon as possible so that other people can do the same.

Who can I contact for additional questions or support?

Email your questions to


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