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New Asana project management software now available

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets; a new tool has come to the UCOP software catalog.

UCOP Oakland building

President Drake approves 2024-25 salary increases for policy-covered employees

President Drake has formally approved the 2024-25 systemwide salary program.

Privacy glass on doors of Oakland focus rooms

New upgrade for Oakland focus rooms

The Building and Administrative Service Center has installed privacy glass in focus rooms as part of the UCOP FlexWork program.

UCOP Oakland building

Introducing the UCOP FlexWork program

The FlexWork program reflects UCOP's commitment to fostering a work environment that balances organizational needs and flexibility.

Man sitting in a cafeteria

Required time and attendance reporting reminder

All employees must follow timely, accurate and complete time and leave reporting.

Man talking to his doctor

Expanded paid sick leave approved for UC employees

Expanding paid sick leave will add security and peace of mind for UC’s valued employees.

UCOP Oakland building

2024 Annual Message About the California Whistleblower Protection Act

Learn how to report any potential breaches of ethical conduct at the university.

Woman working at a desktop computer

Confirm your preferred name in UCPath

Help us adhere to the UC Gender and Lived Name policy by taking some simple steps in your UCPath account to verify your name.

Emergency exit sign with flames next to it

Oakland emergency evacuation procedures: Key takeaways

Familiarize yourself with Oakland emergency evacuation procedures so you’ll be prepared to exit during an emergency.