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UC students pitch climate change solutions at Carbon Slam

UC students showed their passion for tackling climate change solutions at the UC Carbon Slam event held at PARC in Palo Alto on Monday, May 23.

Organized by UC Santa Cruz professor Sue Carter, Carbon Slam gave students from all 10 UC campuses the chance to pitch their research to a panel of expert judges on the topics of climate change impact and climate change solutions. Each student had three minutes to convince the judges that their idea held the greatest potential to have an impact on the fight against climate change.

UC Berkeley’s Alexis Shusterman won the climate impacts portion of the competition and was the people’s choice winner for her work with BEACON (Berkeley Atmospheric CO2 Observation Network), which focuses on an inexpensive way to help cities and counties assess the effectiveness of their policies.

“Right now, there’s no way for policymakers to know which policies are working and which are not,” Shusterman said.

You can’t measure success unless you can measure the problem. Shusterman’s work helps regions assess whether existing measures are working and take a targeted, local approach to remaining problems.

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