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California lawmakers create a UC research center on gun violence

On Thursday, June 16, California legislators approved $5 million for the creation at UC of a new research center on firearm violence. The exact location of the research center is still to be determined, according to UC spokesperson Claire Doan.

Lawmakers supporting the legislation cited a 2013 state agency report detailing the heavy cost California pays for the results of gun violence. That report concluded that government-sponsored insurance programs pay for some two-thirds of the cost of firearm assaults and about half the cost of unintentional or self-inflicted gun injuries.

The UC center will investigate the causes and consequences of firearm violence as well as the effectiveness of current laws. The $5 million budget is intended to fund the first five years of the new center’s operation, with future funding sources yet to be determined.

Read an L.A. Times article about the legislation.

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