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The girl who wants to end hunger

This story starts with a single cabbage. But it wasn’t just any cabbage, however. It was a 40-pound cabbage, grown by a 9-year-old girl named Katie Stagliano.

Katie Stagliano, at 9, with the cabbage that started it all.

This young gardener donated that huge cabbage to her local soup kitchen, and it fed more than 275 people. Inspired by that experience, she started Katie’s Krops. The nonprofit now has 100 gardens around the country, all grown by kids who are donating these healthy foods to feed the hungry in their communities.

Today, Stagliano is 17 years old, but she’s still the youngest recipient of the University of California Global Food Initiative’s 30 Under 30 leaders in the food industry. (She also was the youngest recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen Award.)

Read the UC Food Observer’s interview with Stagliano about the impact of an organization that has started youth-run gardens in 32 states.

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