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Spread the news: The UCPath Center is recruiting!

With an immediate goal to hire more than 100 people in the next 12 months, and an additional 240 employees in 2018, the UCPath Center (UCPC) needs a stream of applicants who are qualified to work in human resources, payroll, finance, training, IT and customer service. Positions to be filled will range from the assistant/associate level to supervisory and management roles.

Please feel free to encourage friends, family members and former co-workers you think might be interested to apply. They’ll probably be curious about what it’s like to work there, so we asked UCPC Payroll Supervisor Axel Saenz to tell us.

Saenz came to UC after working for several other employers, including Fresh and Easy and Southern California Edison, and states unequivocally that “UC is the best employer I’ve ever worked for.” He transferred to UCPC in 2014 from UC Irvine’s Medical Center and couldn’t be happier about the move.

“Just knowing that we are one of the very few [organizations] that are implementing a service center that will support 200,000 employees is interesting and special enough. The amount of strategy, effort and ingenuity [required for that effort] is a whole different ball game. We are at the forefront [and] will be the benchmark everyone else searches for when they are ready to implement a shared services center.”

Because of the scale of that effort, Saenz says that UCPC offers an “extremely fast” track for those who want to keep moving up in their careers. He also praises his team and overall work environment. “There is no better feeling than coming in every day and knowing that you will have a good day because of the people you work with. What makes us so successful is the chemistry and bond we all share with each other.” He concluded, “Why wouldn’t someone want to work here?”

Saenz is not alone in his views. In a recent focus group, other UCPC staff members listed the advantages of working there as “the opportunity to grow and learn in my career,” “my great colleagues, the collaboration across work streams, and [the fact that] people care about me,” “the great cutting edge technology and open space,” and a work environment where “all ideas are welcome and encouraged.”

For those who are feeling financially squeezed by the Bay Area, one employee may have hit on a key reason to consider working at UCPC, which is situated about five miles from the UCR campus: “Riverside is a great location — and I can now afford a nice home in a good neighborhood with a good school district, which is something I couldn’t do in L.A. or S.F.”

Anyone wishing to learn more should visit the UCPath Center webpage and click on the “Search jobs” button. More open jobs will be listed soon and in the coming months, so interested applicants should keep checking back if they don’t immediately see something that fits their skills.

Questions? Email or call 951-787-5030.


Photo on home page of Link: UCPC Payroll Supervisor Axel Saenz.

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