Beginning with three pilot projects in Pasadena, San Francisco and Merced, UC’s goal is to reach more than 6,000 Boys & Girls Club members with information and guidance that will help them apply to and enroll at UC. Boys & Girls Clubs of America shares that goal while also seeking to provide services that will increase its teen membership.

The pilot programs will pair clubs with UC Early Academic Outreach Programs (EAOP) at three UC campuses: the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena with UCLA, the San Francisco club with UC San Francisco and the Merced club with UC Merced. UC will provide college and career information as well as support and resources to club members, and clubs will offer current EAOP students access to club facilities and leadership opportunities.

The partnership is part of an Achieve UC initiative expanded by President Napolitano two years ago to increase enrollment of Californians and enrich the diversity of undergraduates.

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