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Third annual UCOP Food Drive: Donate by Oct. 31

Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), OP Staff Assembly, and the OP Professional Community will be celebrating World Food Day and Food Day 2016 from Oct. 17 to 31 by hosting our third annual UCOP Food Drive. Our goal is to continue raising awareness about the UC Global Food Initiative, food insecurity and healthy eating in community. Read President Napolitano’s message (PDF) about the importance of this event.

This year we are bringing back the contest for who makes the most donations, tallying those made by UCOP staff in the Kaiser, Broadway and 20th St. buildings and on each floor in Franklin (counted separately).

How to donate

All “virtual” and food donations will benefit our local Alameda County Community Food Bank, which serves nearly 49,000 East Bay residents every week.

Last year the UCOP Food Drive yielded $4,000 in monetary donations and nearly 600 food items. Because each dollar donated can purchase $6 worth of food at the Food Bank — especially healthy foods that are rarely donated — UCOP’s cash gifts translated into $24,000 worth of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food items for local families!

Virtual donations to the Food Bank are easy to make:

  • Go to the Virtual Food Drive page on the Alameda County Community Food Bank website
  • In the drop-down menu in the right sidebar, select “UCOP”
  • Select your building (and floor if in the Franklin building)
  • Select Shop/Donate
  • Enter the amount you wish to give and enter your credit card information

If you prefer to donate actual food items, collection bins will be located on each floor at all UCOP locations.


Donations will be tallied, and locations will be awarded points, with double the point value for online donations. The building/floor with the most points at the end of the week will win a prize, $100 worth of fresh produce from the Oakland Farmer’s Market, donated by ANR.

If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Suzanna Martinez at or 510-587-6264.

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