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Exercise your right to vote

Dear UCOP Colleagues:

With the Nov. 8 Presidential Election fast approaching, I am writing to encourage all members of the Office of the President community to exercise their right to vote.

In accordance with UC Policy – PPSM-2.210, a non-exempt employee shall be granted leave with pay, up to a maximum of two hours, for voting in a statewide primary or general election if the employee does not have time to vote outside of the minimum eight working hours. Any additional time off shall be without pay. Please notify your supervisor at least two working days in advance if you need to take time off during work hours to vote.

The decisions made on this day will be of great importance to all Americans. Please take the time to read about the various issues and propositions in the voter information pamphlets before you vote.


Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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