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Link reader survey: What you told us

We asked for your thoughts about Link and got a fantastic response — almost 350 of you completed our Link reader survey. You also took the time to write in hundreds of comments and suggestions. Thank you for your input!

Here’s a summary of what you told us and what we’re going to do with your feedback.

How often you read Link

  • 63 percent of survey respondents read Link every week and another 25 percent read it at least every other week.
  • 79 percent of respondents read half or more of the articles in each issue.
  • Of those who rarely read Link, most said it’s due to simply being too busy with work. Others said they rely on their manager or co-workers for important information.

What you like about Link

We received a lot of positive feedback about Link, and many compliments such as the following:

  • “As a 21 year UC veteran, Link is a major step forward in UCOP communication.”
  • “It is a wonderful way to get word out to us and makes me feel part of the UCOP community. Very much appreciated!”
  • “I love the Link!! It’s the only way I hear what we’re doing at OP as a whole.”
  • “Thank you for fostering an engaged and caring work community!”

What you want to read about in Link

Here’s how you rated the information we currently  cover in Link in order of popularity:

  1. News about pay, benefits, retirement and other employment matters
  2. Announcements for events, such as brown bags, classes and career development opportunities
  3. News from or about President Napolitano and other UCOP leaders
  4. News about UCOP initiatives and accomplishments
  5. News about major accomplishments and hot issues in the UC system
  6. Announcements about UCOP social events and affinity group meetings
  7. Information about UCOP volunteer opportunities
  8. 10-Second Bios, Shout Outs to UCOP staff, and UCOP staff profile articles
  9. IT tips and tricks
  10. Articles or videos about UC research
  11. Information about Oakland (restaurants, events and activities)
  12. Articles about UCOP events after they occur (which usually include photos of the event)

What you’d like more of

While many of you expressed satisfaction with Link as it is, a number of you suggested new features or more information on specific topics. The most common requests were:

  • More profiles of UCOP departments and their staff
  • Reports on projects, initiatives and accomplishments at UCOP
  • More coverage of UCOP departments outside of Oakland
  • More messages/columns from UCOP leadership
  • Ability to transfer events from Link to personal calendars
  • More photos
  • Addition of a “Most Read” list or a “Like” button to identify most popular Link articles

What we’ll be doing to respond to your feedback

We will use your feedback to adjust our mix of content and enhance Link’s functionality. In fact, one of your most-requested changes has already been made: Following a technical fix, you can once again transfer events from Link to your Outlook calendar with a couple of clicks. We’ll also be looking into possible ways to highlight popular articles.

We plan to create more articles about UCOP staff and departments this year, so please be in touch if you have news about yours that you think might be right for Link. We’ll also explore the possibility of including more information from UCOP leaders.

How to contact us

Link exists to serve you. If at any time you have questions, suggestions or submissions for Link, please contact Link at

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  1. Elizabeth Ellis January 17, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for adding the email button at the bottom of articles! that was one of my requests — and you’ve acted! Yippee.

    • Nelle Engoron January 17, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for mentioning that, Lizzie! We added that feature based on a suggestion from you and a few others. We hope OP staff will continue to let us know what would make Link more useful and engaging for them and we will do our best to implement suggestions.

  2. Kia Afcari January 18, 2017 Reply

    Nice work on Link! Keep it up!

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