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UC statement on President Trump’s executive order

On Jan. 29, President Napolitano and the UC chancellors issued the following statement:

We are deeply concerned by the recent executive order that restricts the ability of our students, faculty, staff, and other members of the UC community from certain countries from being able to enter or return to the United States.

While maintaining the security of the nation’s visa system is critical, this executive order is contrary to the values we hold dear as leaders of the University of California. The UC community, like universities across the country, has long been deeply enriched by students, faculty, and scholars from around the world, including the affected countries, coming to study, teach, and research.  It is critical that the United States continues to welcome the best students, scholars, scientists, and engineers of all backgrounds and nationalities.

We are committed to supporting all members of the UC community who are impacted by this executive action.

President Janet Napolitano
University of California

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks
University of California, Berkeley

Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter
University of California, Davis

Chancellor Howard Gillman
University of California, Irvine

Chancellor Gene Block
University of California, Los Angeles

Chancellor Dorothy Leland
University of California, Merced

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox
University of California, Riverside

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla
University of California, San Diego

Chancellor Sam Hawgood
University of California, San Francisco

Chancellor Henry T. Yang
University of California, Santa Barbara

Chancellor George R. Blumenthal
University of California, Santa Cruz


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  1. Catherine Montano January 31, 2017 Reply

    President Napolitano and Chancellors, thank you for “walking the walk” and standing up for UC’s Principals of Community, especially, “We support fairness, respect for individual dignity and equitable access to resources, recognition and rewards.” For this and many other reasons, I am proud to work for the University of California.

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