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BRC Blasts: Do you need a PTA or a PSA for your T&E expenses?

Take a look at these recent BRC Blasts to familiarize yourself with some important processes:

Professional Services Agreement (PSA): PSAs are necessary when a department has a business need to complete work, and the needed resources or expertise are not available within UCOP staff.  How do you get started on the PSA process? Check out this BRC Blast (pdf) to learn more.

Travel and entertainment (T&E) reimbursement: Are you a new employee? Or maybe you’ve been around for a while but just changed banks or opened a new account? Check out this BRC Blast (pdf) for some important details to be aware of before submitting your business travel and entertainment (T&E) reimbursements.

Pre-Travel Authorization (PTA): In order to have airfare directly billed to UC—which means it will not be on your personal credit card or your UC-issued travel credit card—you will need to enter a PTA number in the Connexxus travel reservation system. Check out this BRC Blast (pdf) to learn more.


What is a BRC Blast?  The first week of each month the Business Resource Center (BRC) publishes a guide with tips, tricks and helpful information. Previous Blasts have covered such topics as how to set up an annual purchase order for recurring charges or how to expedite your travel reimbursements. Click Blast Archives to access Blasts from the past, which are available for easy reference in pdf form on our BRC website.

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