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Did you know you’re a responsible employee required to report sexual harassment?

April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month is an appropriate time to remember that each of us has a responsibility for ensuring that UC is a safe and respectful learning and work environment for everyone.

While they are working, all UC employees are required to inform their local Title IX officer if they learn that a student may have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Managers, supervisors, faculty, human resources administrators and academic personnel have a broader obligation. They are required to inform their Title IX officer if they receive a report of sexual harassment or sexual violence from a colleague, a subordinate or anyone else affiliated with the university.

To be sure you understand your obligations as a responsible employee, please take a few minutes to read these FAQs. If you have additional questions, you may contact UCOP Title IX Officer Katya Nottie at or 510-987-0104.

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