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Sync magazine interviews Tom Andriola: How UC uses data to help students

From the Sync magazine article, “How the University of California is Using Data to Help Students Learn”:

Tom Andriola regularly says he has the best IT job in the world.

With an information technology community of close to seven thousand people, the University of California system is larger than many IT companies. The diversity and scale of efforts rival that of any global multinational company—cybersecurity, medical imaging diagnosis algorithms, deep-machine learning applications, agricultural resource algorithms, and much more—all under the umbrella of one university system. “Universities are hubs of new ideas and fresh thinking,” says Andriola, the university’s vice president and CIO. He works under the premise of “letting a thousand flowers bloom.” As a former business leader from the world of healthcare IT, Andriola brings insights from his business experience to support the university and its stakeholders, patients, students, faculty, and staff through the use of data.

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