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Reminder: Join the 150th anniversary treasure hunt!

UC’s upcoming 150th anniversary is casting a spotlight on all of its unique and interesting history — some of which might be right under your nose.

In honor of the 150th, Records Management is holding a treasure hunt looking for any cool, funny or important history that might be lurking in your department.

Got a funny memo about that crazy new internet fad from the 90s, or even something neat from the last couple of years? You can email it to us at or if you need us to scan it for you, email or phone us at 510-987-0399.

We’re accepting materials until March 19, and we’ll be showing them off March 23 on the UCOP IT Instagram (must have an Instagram account in order to view) and on the publicly accessible UC IT blog on March 28.

The coolest item will get a small prize!

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