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Five ways to make the most of your dental plan

Good oral health is a vital part of health and well-being, which is why UC takes the unusual step of covering the full cost of dental insurance for eligible employees and their family members. For comparison, other employers like UC pay, on average, less than half of the cost of dental insurance. UC even offers you a choice between an HMO plan, for low, predictable costs, and a PPO plan, for more flexibility.

Delta Dental, UC’s dental insurance carrier, has offered tips for taking full advantage of your valuable dental benefits — and keeping your smile healthy and bright — whether you’re enrolled in the DeltaCare USA HMO plan or the Delta Dental PPO plan. Here are some highlights:

1.    Find the right dentist for you

If you’re a member of Delta Dental PPO you have your choice of dentists, but you’ll save money when you visit a dentist from the PPO network.

If you’re a member of DeltaCare USA, you must visit your selected DeltaCare USA primary care dentist to receive benefits under your plan. If you require treatment from a specialist, your primary care dentist will coordinate a referral for you.

You can find a dentist in the PPO or HMO network, or change your primary care dentist, at You can also call Customer Service and speak to a representative Monday through Friday (Delta Dental PPO: 800-777-5854, 5 a.m. – 8 p.m. PT; DeltaCare USA: 800-422-4234, 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. PT).

2.    Keep up with preventive care

Regular exams and cleanings are available at no cost to you, in most cases, so make them a consistent part of your routine. These services keep your teeth and gums healthy, and help catch problems before they require extensive and costly treatment.

From pregnancy to diabetes, overall health can affect your dental health (and vice versa). Start each visit with a quick chat about any issues.

3.    Know your benefits, with an online account

Get information about your plan anytime, anywhere by signing up for an Online Services account. This free service lets you find a network dentist, view or print your ID card and more. The one-time registration process takes only a minute.

While you’re online, take some time to learn about everything your plan offers. Your plan booklet includes a complete list of covered procedures, copayments, plan limitations and exclusions.

4.    Coordinate benefits

Are you covered under a second dental plan? Ask your dentist to include information about both plans with your claim, and Delta Dental will handle the rest.

5.     Stay informed

Get oral health tools and tips at Delta Dental’s SmileWay® Wellness site. Don’t forget to subscribe to Grin!, Delta Dental’s free dental wellness e-magazine

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