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UC’s military veterans continue to serve others

As an army infantryman in Iraq, Nathan Goncalves saw his share of grueling battles. But none quite prepared him for the transition from military to civilian life.

“You come back from combat and you’ve seen and faced atrocious things, but everyone else’s life has gone along as it always has,” said the UCLA alum. “Nothing around you makes sense anymore. Everything just seems so trivial.”

Goncalves overcame post-traumatic stress disorder and an addiction to painkillers to graduate from UCLA and earn a law degree from the school last year. He now provides free legal assistance to veterans as they reintegrate into civilian life.

For him, it is part of the military credo to never leave a fellow soldier behind. It’s a bedrock principle held close to the heart by many UC student veterans, who are turning their skills and education toward helping other service members build productive lives back home.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, read the full article about several of UC’s veterans who continue to serve others, both on campus and off.

Photo on home page of Link: Brian Vargas, center, shares a laugh with another student veteran. The Cal Veterans Services Center is a place for Vargas and others to unwind and regroup. Credit: Brittany Murphy/UC Berkeley

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