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Help shape the future of WorkFit at UCOP

Since 2010, the UCOP WorkFit Program has offered access to a variety of low-cost fitness classes to Oakland-based employees. Consistent enrollment and positive participant feedback have demonstrated the importance of the program year-after-year, encouraging leadership to continue support for this valuable wellness initiative.

However, with a recent decline in enrollment and upcoming changes to available space for classes, a re-envisioning of the program is in order. The UCOP WorkFit program will take a hiatus during the Spring and Summer of 2019 to allow for a thorough review and input from the UCOP community to help shape the future structure of the program.  All members of the UCOP community are encouraged to participate in the online WorkFit Survey to provide feedback about the current program and suggestions for the future.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your survey responses!

If you have any questions or comments about this information or the program in general, please direct them to

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  1. Laura Levy February 7, 2019 Reply

    The Tuesday & Wednesday Yoga class with Tricia Tangeman through WorkFit was many participants foundation to a healthy lifestyle. We miss her and the benefits her class provides us as people and employees of UCOP. It made a tremendous difference to our well being after sitting at a computer all day and being confined to a cubicle to relax and get rejuvenated by our Yoga class. We were all so much more productive after yoga and returned to work with a positive perspective.

    • Michelle Simone February 8, 2019 Reply

      Thanks so much for your comment! As mentioned in the article above, the UCOP WorkFit program is on pause this spring and summer, pending the results of an employee survey to gauge interest. Please submit your feedback through the survey link.

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