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Preparing for a consolidated Oakland UCOP campus

As Oakland-based colleagues can see by the rapid construction visible from many windows at Franklin, the new UCOP building is fast becoming a reality. To prepare for staff moves in 2020, there will be several changes to routine building management processes and policies in order to accommodate short-term projects and to align with long-term standards and space configuration.

Policy changes effective February 2019 include:

  • Making more conference rooms available for scheduling
    It can be difficult to find conference rooms at UCOP since 50 percent of them are currently restricted in some way as department huddle rooms, team rooms or private conference rooms. Beginning Feb. 1, we will begin transitioning the majority of conference rooms to scheduling  on the MS Outlook conference scheduler, including those currently reserved for the exclusive use of single departments. Existing reservations in restricted rooms using MS Outlook will not change. If your department uses a restricted room but does not schedule it in Outlook, you will be contacted by the Building and Administrative Services Center (BASC) to initiate Outlook-based reservations. Rooms with unique configuration or sensitive locations will be actively managed by the BASC in consultation with employees in the affected departments. The new building will increase the availability of work and meeting space. A large conference center capable of hosting meetings between 20 and 250 people is being developed to address this long-standing issue.
  • All available space to be managed by BASC
    As noted above, starting in February, all offices, conference rooms, team rooms, private huddles and workstations in Franklin and the new building will be assigned and managed by BASC. While departmental space assignments are in place to ensure proximity to business partners and organizational resources, vacant space will be made available for use by other departments or visiting colleagues on a temporary basis. To reserve space for future new hires, please call the Work Management Center at 987-0600, submit an iRequest or send an email to All space requests must be approved by BASC. Floor plans with UCOP assignments are available on iSpace. (You can set up an iSpace account at
  • Transition to future furniture standards
    To reduce the number of different models and manufacturers we support, and to offer ergonomic features on all workstations, all new furniture installed in 1100 Broadway and refurbished Franklin spaces will be limited to an approved furniture list. We expect to have sample workspaces available for employee viewing and feedback in March. Existing ergonomic accessories will continue to be used until the new furniture arrives, but new accessories will no longer be purchased unless the physical requirement is documented to be outside the capabilities of our new furniture system.
  • Non-essential space reconfigurations, painting and repairs on hold
    As we transition to more uniform space, furniture and décor standards, BASC will carefully review any requests to reconfigure existing furniture or update functional paint or carpeting, etc. All staff will have new or refreshed furniture, paint and carpet by 2020, so except in cases of gross disrepair or to meet an urgent business need, non-conforming work will likely be postponed. Routine box moves of individuals with no furniture installation will continue as needed. If you believe you have a work request that must be completed, please contact

We will keep you updated via all-employee emails, Link articles, brown bags, signage, the Box document repository and Lobby information center.

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