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Lady Idos, MPA

PACSW welcomes Lady Idos to speak on championing DEI in uncertain times

Lady is a national leader in ensuring accountability in efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

Man walking across the street

Boost your safety knowledge with workshops at UCOP

UCOP Learning and Development and UCOP Safety have partnered to provide helpful workshops that will give you the knowledge you need to stay safe.

Join BSFO for Black History Month events all week long

This year's BSFO Black History Month festivities celebrate Black life and history as expressed through music, fashion and the arts.

Asian young blind woman with headphone using computer with refreshable braille display or braille terminal a technology device for persons with visual disabilities.

Congratulations to the newest UCOP Accessibility Champions

Congratulations to Ethan Savage, Jessica Heredia and Trevor Finneman.

Reminder: Share your 2023 highlights with Link!

Let us know what made you happy in 2023, so we can share your good news with colleagues.

More Oakland conference rooms with new Zoom Room technology

Find out where the new rooms are located, see what will be updated next and attend an in-person info session.

Camille Crittenden, Ph.D.

How the executive order on AI provides opportunities for higher ed

Camille Crittenden shares a response to President Biden's recent executive order on AI.

New UC admissions and financial aid webinars for parents

New webinars, open to the public, are designed to help parents learn about and better understand the UC admissions process and various pathways into the university.

An update on the progress of UC’s Community Safety Plan

Each campus has made significant progress in the implementation of the Community Safety Plan.

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Shout-Out for the BRC team

Pratima Reddy is grateful for the exceptional help the BRC team offered for a recent conference booking.