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Resolve to get your finances on track

Money can be a significant source of stress. This year, resolve to get your finances on track. UC has comprehensive resources to help you. Here are a few goals you should consider, with tips on how to get there.

Organize your finances

Take some time to organize your finances and reduce your paper clutter. Here are some things to keep for your records:

  • W-2 forms – keep until you start drawing Social Security
  • Important life event papers – birth, marriage and death certificates, divorce papers and military discharge papers
  • Year-end loan summaries – keep until you pay them off, then keep the final notice indefinitely

Here are some things you can throw out now:

  • ATM and bank deposit receipts – discard once you reconcile them with your bank statements
  • Pay stubs – discard once you get your year-end summary
  • Old Social Security statements – discard once you get a new one

Learn more about organizing your finances and reducing your paper clutter at My UC Retirement.

Get out of debt

On average, American households with credit card debt hold credit card balances of more than $5,700. Here are a few tips for getting out of debt:

  • Pick one credit card for emergencies. From among your cards, pick the one that offers the lowest annual rate – that’s your emergency backup.
  • Prioritize paying off your credit cards. Pick the highest-rate card you have with a balance. Pledge to pay the minimum payment and as much more as you can afford every month. Make it enough to create a sizeable hole in the outstanding balance.
  • Protect your credit rating. While focusing on paying off your high-interest-rate cards in order, be sure to pay at least the minimum required payment on all your other accounts each month.

My UC Retirement offers a comprehensive list of ways to make this the year you get out of debt.

Boost retirement savings by 1 percent

Putting just 1 percent more of your pay each month into your voluntary UC Retirement Savings Program 403(b) or 457(b) Plan can make a real difference in your ability to afford the retirement you want. Consider budgeting for the increase in savings by packing a bag lunch, adjusting your home thermostat, or having a stay-at-home date night once a month. My UC Retirement breaks down how that additional 1 percent in savings reaps dividends in retirement.

Other financial education resources

Our vendor partner, Fidelity, hosts a series of financial education classes at UCOP. Learn more about these classes on the Link calendar. UC-dedicated Fidelity planners also offer one-on-one financial counseling, onsite and over the phone. Both of these services are offered at no cost to UC employees.

If you have questions about financial education classes at UCOP, contact Nancy Pergot at

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