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UC leads in renewable electricity

As UC employees, we know that the university is committed to sustainable practices. And, the Environmental Protection Agency agrees. In its newly released Green Power Partnership Top 30 College and University list, UC has risen to number one: UC uses more green power than any other university in the country!

UC also leads other U.S. universities in the amount of renewable electricity it generates on its campuses.

“Over the next six years, UC will transition to 100 percent clean or renewable sources of electricity,” says David Phillips, UC’s associate vice president of Energy and Sustainability. “UC’s power company, which supplies electricity to its eligible campuses and medical centers, will hit that milestone even sooner, with all of its electricity coming from zero-carbon sources by the end of this year.”

According to the EPA, voluntary renewable energy sources account for 25 percent of UC’s electricity purchases. Since 2017, the university’s use of renewable electricity sources has grown from 128M kilowatt hours per year to 273M kilowatt hours — the rough equivalent of taking more than 40,000 cars off the road.

Learn more about UC’s recent renewable energy and sustainability efforts from the UC Newsroom.


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