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UCOP daughters and sons come to Oakland

Last month, Oakland staff celebrated Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day with a morning of festivities and fun. More than 80 children from first through 12th grade attended 24 sessions organized by 19 departments. More than 40 UCOP parents volunteered as chaperones.

Mysteries of anatomy

Brandi Schmitt, executive director of anatomical services, wowed third graders with her session, “Bones and Your Body,” which featured a real human skeleton from one of UC’s body donation program locations.

“One of my favorite parts of my job is working with skeletons,” says Schmitt. “I love sharing what I do, which can sometimes be a bit of a fringe topic. The looks of excitement, wonder and even a little trepidation that the kids have when they enter a room and see a human skeleton is inspirational to me.”

During the session, students learned the common and scientific names of bones, the functions of each bone, interesting facts and how to take care of their bones and body. They also discussed informed consent and personal autonomy in decision-making as a body donor. “These concepts are highly important in my work with UC and anatomical gifts,” says Schmitt. “I really enjoyed answering their questions about ethical concepts that sometimes are not understood well by adults. They were very impressive.”

A taste of leadership

Sixth and seventh graders participated in a mock town hall event, organized in partnership with the IT and Marketing/Communications teams. “Kids like interactive experiences and to understand how things work,” says Multimedia Director Larissa Branin, who conceptualized the event.

During the mock town hall, children helped with cameras, ran the microphones and stood in for UCOP executives. “It was scripted, but they ad-libbed a bit — and, the president even broke into song. I can’t imagine our executives doing that!” says Branin.

Watch a video of the mock town hall

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s event a success!



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  1. Kimyatta Dorsey May 21, 2019 Reply

    Hats off to the kids that participated in the mock town hall event. They were so much fun and so talented!

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