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Seasonal allergies: Tips for relief

Copious spring showers have brought many more flowers. And while in some cases the result has been dazzling, allergy sufferers may find themselves struggling to cope.

“We’ve had lots of rain this year, and grasses and trees have grown earlier than usual,” says Rosemary Hallett, a clinical professor at UC Davis Health and an allergist at UC Davis Medical Group clinic in Roseville. “This means we expect a more severe year for seasonal allergies.”

If you’re among those experiencing watery eyes, headaches, sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose and an itchy throat, follow this helpful advice from the UC Davis Newsroom:

  • Consult your doctor: Even if you’re pretty sure what you’re allergic to, confirm your allergies with a test at your doctor’s office. Then, work with your doctor to devise a treatment plan.
  • Stay away from pollen and irritants: Ask someone without allergies to handle yard work with high allergen exposure — like mowing the lawn or raking leaves. Avoid cleaning with strong chemicals and, whenever possible, limit your exposure to air pollution.
  • Limit pollen in your living space. On days when pollen counts are high, keep your doors and windows closed and stay inside — especially in the afternoon and evening when pollen levels are highest. Cool your home using air conditioning; avoid humidifiers and swamp coolers.
  • Wash away the pollen. If you must be outside on high-pollen days, make sure to shower and change when you get home. And, use a saline nasal wash.

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