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10-Second Bio: Nikki Lopez, competitive powerlifter

Name: Nikki Lopez

Title: Business Systems Analyst

Department: Procurement Services

Location: Oakland

Started: April 2018

What I do for op in five words or less: Support systems

The best part about working for OP: Working for an organization that I believe in and being surrounded by so many talented and wonderful people. I feel very lucky and proud to be part of OP.

Something you don’t know about me: I train as a competitive powerlifter, which means I focus on the three big lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. Prior to powerlifting, I was a bodybuilder. Over time, I realized I was more driven by strength than aesthetics, so switching to powerlifting was an easy choice and I absolutely love it. I am incredibly passionate about strength training and am on a mission to get barbells into the hands of more women.

One weird fact about the town I grew up in : Not really a weird fact, but George Lucas is from the city I grew up in — Modesto, California.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now), I would be: A sports medicine physician.


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