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Purge your records: Oct. 21 – 25

On October 21, we’ll kick off another purge week at UCOP!

Now is the time to get rid of records with lapsed retention periods, or non-records like drafts and convenience copies. Recycling containers and locked shred bins will be available on every floor in all Oakland UCOP buildings.

Don’t forget to clean up your electronic space too! Electronic litter accumulates over time, but if you clean up regularly, it will be easier to find documents.

Help for You

Next year, post-building move, there will be less space for physical records storage. But you can send inactive records offsite (at no cost to your department) for easy retrieval later. Contact to get help from TOPS employees to box-up, inventory, and ship your inactive records offsite.

There are also useful resources online:

CAUTION: Please work with your department manager to coordinate the disposal of any documents. Do not discard records that are the subject of a litigation hold or other records freeze, or that have been requested pursuant to the California Public Records Act, an investigation, an ongoing audit or another legal process. If you have questions about whether records are required to be preserved for legal reasons, please contact the Office of the General Counsel.

Questions? Comments? Contact Records Management at or 7-0399.


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