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Update on Oakland 12th St. construction

As many of you are aware, there is a great deal of construction happening on the 12th St. side of the 1111 Franklin St. building between Franklin St. & Broadway in Oakland.

This construction has been compounded by construction on the 1100 Broadway building and there is currently only one lane open for traffic. When entering and exiting the garages on 12th St., please be very careful. Trucks, buses and equipment can block your view in both directions. Our security guards will assist in directing traffic to the best of their ability.

The 12th St. construction is part of preparations for the new BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) public transportation route, which is a collaborative effort between the city of Oakland, Caltrans and AC Transit. Work includes making sidewalk ramps code-compliant and reinforcing asphalt to support the heavy buses. Completion is scheduled for early to late March — in eight to 12 weeks.

We can look forward to the following features upon completion:

  • Enhanced station lighting for improved safety
  • Clipper Card readers on platforms to speed boarding
  • New level boarding for easier access
  • Median stations for reduced street-crossing distance
  • Bus-only lanes to improve transit frequency
  • High-visibility crosswalks for enhanced safety
  • Additional new technology to help reduce delays

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