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Update your Zoom game with a beautiful UC background

Tired of seeing the same old wall in your office (or living room, bedroom or other workspace) reflected back at you during your video calls?

Spice things up with a beautiful new UC-branded Zoom background. Choose from vibrant color-blocks or photography from throughout UC campuses.

View and download Zoom backgrounds from Box!

A note on technical requirements

The basic green screen mode works for all UCOP devices using a solid background (a solid colored wall behind you). The green screen-less mode is only available on specific model laptops. You will know when you try to use the screen-less mode and receive the error code that your system does not meet the minimum requirements. Some devices just need an update to their video driver but unfortunately, some devices don’t have the capability to update their video card. We apologize for any limitations you may experience.

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  1. Aimee Goggins December 8, 2020 Reply

    It would be great to have caption info on the photography backgrounds—details on the locations.


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