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Increase engagement during virtual meetings with Zoom Whiteboard

This platform is a great way to enhance collaboration before, during and after Zoom meetings.

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Go beyond the basics with new advanced Zoom training

If you’ve been using Zoom for some time, you may have the basics down pat. But could you be doing more with Zoom? Find out during this upcoming workshop.

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Upcoming Zoom trainings and office hours

Boost your remote-meeting skills with an upcoming class, or attend office hours for troubleshooting help with friendly UCOP colleagues.

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Need help with UCOP processes? Show up for office hours.

Here are drop-in hours to get live virtual support on topics that impact your performance, Zoom use and accounting concerns.

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Zoom better with new office hours and on-demand resources

We’re all on Zoom, but are you getting the most from it? Boost your skills with one of our many workshops, or attend office hours for help with troubleshooting.

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10 tips for hosting better Zoom meetings

Zoom is a valuable communications tool, but burnout is real and exhausting. Here are some best practices for more effective meetings.

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Fighting Zoom fatigue starts with you

Zoom is a valuable communications tool, but burnout is real and exhausting. Here’s how to decide whether or not you should Zoom.

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Ace Zoom meetings with a live class and self-paced resources

We’re all on Zoom these days. It's time to learn how to get the most from it!

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New Zoom meeting requirements for waiting room or passcode begin Sept. 27

Starting Sept. 27, Zoom will require you to enable a passcode or a waiting room for all meetings. Here’s what you need to know.

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Expand your tech and software knowledge

Want to learn more tech skills to get ahead? Take advantage of the many online learning opportunities offered through UCOP Learning and Development.