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New required Zoom meeting security settings: Update your account today

To strengthen protection against unintended participants joining or commandeering online meetings, UCOP Zoom users will be required to select one or more security settings for every Zoom meeting as of April 1, 2024. The three options are passcode, waiting room or require authentication to join. If you do not manually select at least one of these settings, waiting room will be selected by default. To update your Zoom security settings for existing meetings, log in to your Zoom account web portal and select the security option(s) that you prefer for each of your meetings.

What does each security setting do?

The passcode setting requires attendees to enter a specified six-digit alpha/numeric code to join the meeting. You can embed the code in the meeting link for one-click join. (If you use the “Join before host” or “Allow participants to join anytime” option, a passcode will always be required.)

  • Pros: Prevents uninvited participants.
  • Cons: Participants who join by phone or by manually entering the Meeting ID will need to find the passcode to join. If you add a password to an existing meeting, you must update and resend your calendar invitation.

The waiting room feature allows the host to control when participants are admitted, including whether to admit guests individually or as a group. You can specify certain email domains to bypass the waiting room.

The only authenticated users can join meetings option requires participants to sign in to a designated Zoom account before they can join a meeting. You can choose whether to limit authentication to UCOP or UC accounts, or to allow accounts from the general public.

  • Pros: Useful to restrict participants to verified users or users from a UC location.
  • Cons: Can confound participants trying to join without being signed in to their Zoom account.

How do I update security settings for recurring meetings?

If you change the security setting for one recurring Zoom meeting, all future instances using the same meeting ID will update automatically. (Personal Zoom rooms, also require security setting selection.)

How can I get additional help with my Zoom account?

Watch for an email with more detailed information. You can also drop in for ITS Zoom office hours, every Thursday throughout March and April from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. (PT):

For additional help, contact IT Service Desk at 510-987-0457 or


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