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New required Zoom meeting security settings: Update your account today

All UCOP Zoom accounts require new security settings as of April 1. Here’s what you need to know to update your account.

AI Corner: High interest in artificial intelligence at UCOP

ITS is taking a multifaceted approach to thoughtfully introduce AI tools at UCOP while establishing best practices to help colleagues use these tools safely and efficiently.

Learn how to use new Oakland Zoom Room technology

Telecommunications Services is working to bring the latest conference room technology to UCOP.

More Oakland conference rooms with new Zoom Room technology

Find out where the new rooms are located, see what will be updated next and attend an in-person info session.

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Group 3 SharePoint users are moving to the cloud on Sept. 24

Find out what group your SharePoint sites are in and what to expect with the migration to SharePoint Online.

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Learn how to use new Zoom room conference technology in Oakland

Learn about the new technology and attend a training on the new Zoom rooms in Oakland.

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Attention SharePoint users: Your sites are moving to the cloud

ITS is planning to move all SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based platform, beginning in mid-August.

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UCOP launches new Zoom room conference technology

These enhanced conference rooms feature a software-based, integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing.

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Action required: Additional security coming to VPN

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security in verifying a remote-access user’s identity.


Box Classifications are now live

UCOP Information Technology Services has deployed data security classifications and classification-based controls within Box.

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Annual review of the UCOP User Agreement: Signature required via DocuSign

ITS asks all UCOP personnel, contractors and affiliates to sign the UCOP User Agreement within the next two weeks.