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1111 Broadway fountain

How to access the Oakland Broadway building outside of normal business hours

If you regularly work in Oakland, make sure you know how to access our offices if you need to enter outside of business hours.

man smiling on a zoom call with a woman

New required Zoom meeting security settings: Update your account today

All UCOP Zoom accounts require new security settings as of April 1. Here’s what you need to know to update your account.

UCOP security desk

UCOP Oakland: Community safety updates

Find out how UCOP is working to keep staff safe in and around our Oakland headquarters.

Beware of phishing emails impersonating UCPath

UCPath is alerting employees of new phishing email scams that are targeting UC employees by falsely impersonating UCPath.

Desktop computer backlit in red and purple

Wednesday: UC experts on how to manage email overload

Join systemwide experts in archives, records management, privacy and information security, for a series of short presentations, followed by a question and answer session.

Meet the newest members of UCOP’s Oakland security team

Like the dedicated security personnel in the Franklin building, Broadway security staff help the UCOP community enjoy a safe and secure workplace.

Woman parking bike in Oakland garage

Safety reminders and new security measures for all UCOP staff

Please review these helpful tips for protecting your personal safety, and learn more about the resources available through UCOP.

Franklin building safety update

The UCOP garage in Oakland’s Franklin building has received a security update.

Franklin building safety alert

Protect your belongings, arrange for an escort if you need one and look out for upcoming security trainings.