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UCOP Oakland: Community safety updates

UCOP Safety continues to address safety around our Oakland headquarters by adding more employee features on campus and nurturing community partnerships throughout our downtown Oakland community.

UCOP Security highlights

Coming soon: Updated UCOPAlert system

We are in the process of transitioning our UCOPAlert emergency notifications system to the UCSF Police Department, which currently oversees security in Oakland, to ensure timely emergency notifications to all UCOP employees. We plan to complete the update during the curtailment. Once the new UCOPAlert system is live, staff will be notified to review and update their emergency contact information. All new hires will be automatically added to the system.

Security escorts

Between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 11 p.m., UCOP Security can provide escorts to employees and visitors between the Franklin-Broadway buildings, UCOP parking facilities and the BART station at 11th St. and Broadway. To arrange a security escort, call UCOP Security at (510) 987-9790 at least 30 minutes in advance.

Additional security personnel

Security personnel are posted around UCOP’s Franklin-Broadway buildings (11th Street, 12th Street, Franklin Street and Broadway) during commuting hours and lunchtime.

New associate director

We are in the final stages of hiring a full-time associate director of security services who will further support initiatives to enhance security for all UCOP staff. We hope to introduce this person early next year!

BART and Oakland police department partnerships

UCOP has reinitiated its partnerships with BART PD and Oakland PD to advocate for enhanced safety in downtown Oakland. BART PD has added additional patrol officers to the 11th and 19th street stations during commuting hours. Oakland PD has added additional patrol officers to the Swan Market and City Center areas during lunchtime hours.

How you can help keep yourself safe

Familiarize yourself with safety best practices and UCOP resources

UCOP has published several safety tips for pedestrians and drivers, which you can read online here.

BART commuters: Download the BART Watch app

BART Watch (available in English, Spanish and Chinese) is a free mobile app that lets you quickly and discreetly report criminal or suspicious activity directly to BART Police. Use BART Watch to send a text description of what you’re seeing, attach a picture and select from a list of locations and categories to assist BART Police in their response.

For questions regarding safety at UCOP, please contact


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