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Meet the newest members of UCOP’s Oakland security team

Like the dedicated security personnel in the Franklin building, Broadway security staff help the UCOP community enjoy a safe and secure workplace.

Meet colleagues and enjoy the community garden in Oakland

Learn more about growing food, meet colleagues and take a break during an upcoming social gardening session at UCOP’s Oakland community garden.

Help out with the new UCOP Oakland community garden

Visit the garden to collect produce and socialize with colleagues at a gardening session.

yellow car in parking lot

Oakland paid parking program began Aug. 1; free parking has ended

The Oakland paid parking program for the UCOP-managed garages has been reinstated as of Aug. 1, 2022.

yellow car in parking lot

Oakland employees: Franklin-Broadway campus parking deadlines and FAQs

The deadline to enroll for parking has been extended to June 17 with paid parking beginning Aug. 1. Here's what to expect.

Woman drinking coffee at UCOP Oakland office

Learn how to use the new Oakland conference room technology

IT Client Services has planned in-person training sessions to help you learn how to use the updated audio-visual equipment in Oakland.

yellow car in parking lot

Oakland employees: Sign up for monthly or daily parking by June 1

Starting July 1, only staff who enroll in the parking program will be able to park in a UCOP-managed garage on a daily or monthly basis. Learn how to enroll.

man working on laptop

Oakland staff: EMS available Apr. 4 to reserve hoteling workspaces and meeting rooms

Here’s how to schedule a hoteling workspace or meeting room.

Woman drinking coffee at UCOP Oakland office

Oakland staff: Why your assigned set-up day matters and when you can return to on-site work

It’s important to show up on your assigned set-up day. Find out why along with when you can start working in the office.