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New room reservation system for Oakland buildings goes live on July 15

On July 15, a new room reservation tool, Event Management System (EMS), will replace MS Outlook for reserving meeting rooms in all Oakland buildings, except the UC Press facility (which will continue to use their existing way of reserving meeting rooms).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get started – EMS will be available as an easy-to-use Outlook plug-in for Windows and a web-based application for Mac and Windows. Set-up links will be available on July 15 on
  • Prepare – Visit for training videos, quick start guides, frequently asked questions and more, so you’ll be ready to use EMS when you need it. You can also register and join us for the EMS Staff Drop-In Session on July 28 at 9 a.m. PT for additional EMS information.
  • Use it on and after July 15
    • All room reservations going forward must adhere to COVID-19 protocols. EMS will include COVID-19 capacity guidelines for available rooms.
    • If you are approved to work on-site, or are handling reservations for someone who is, you can schedule rooms for approved on-site staff use. Staff who are not yet approved for on-site work should continue to take meetings from home via Zoom.
    • Any existing MS Outlook room reservations will need to be manually rebooked in EMS, because they will not automatically be moved to EMS.
    • If you try to book a room using the old MS Outlook process, you will receive an error message and be directed to EMS.

EMS features and benefits include:

  • Supports multi-room reservations, ordering equipment for a meeting, advanced search features and more.
  • Provides the ability to manage room conflicts for recurring meetings.
  • Allows direct access for department staff to certain sensitive conference rooms (e.g., UC Legal).

If you have any questions, contact Julian Ryu or Mark Schneider.

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