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Returning or continuing to work on-site? Check out our new tool and training!

As you’ve been hearing more in the news about the reopening of businesses and returning to work, UCOP has been developing and implementing a comprehensive approach for how and when we return to on-site operations that follows public health guidelines and supports the well-being of UCOP staff and the community.

The counties where UCOP is located have not yet approved the opening of office workspaces. Given current conditions, it is unlikely we would move to level 2 occupancy before August. We continue to monitor the public health orders and overall situation closely, and once office workspaces are allowed to open, we will move gradually and cautiously.

In the meantime, two tools — UCOP Screen and UCOP COVID-19 Return to Onsite Operations training — will be available in July for those who are or will be working in the office. As a reminder, staff will return to the office in phases. In UCOP Level 2 – Priority Facilities Occupancy, only select and electing staff approved by their department will return. Most staff will continue to work from home.

UCOP Screen

You should not come to work if you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling sick. This measure of awareness — and staying home whenever you have symptoms — can go a long way to prevent the spread of illness. To lessen the chance of someone bringing COVID-19 to the office, we’ve created a new survey tool — UCOP Screen — that those who plan to come to the office must use daily to report symptoms and determine if they can come to the office.

The UCOP Screen survey will walk you through a few questions and let you know if you’re approved to come to the office. If you are, be ready to show your health clearance to security if requested. If you are not approved to come to the office, you cannot work on-site and must contact your supervisor and Human Resources for next steps.

COVID-19 Return to Onsite Operations training

Staff coming to a UCOP office location will be required to take the COVID-19 Return to Onsite Operations training to help you:

  • Prevent the spread of, and protect yourself from, the coronavirus
  • Understand how UCOP is planning, preparing and providing resources
  • Follow protocols both before, and during, your work on-site

The training will dive deeper into five key components of our shared responsibilities:

  1. Health Screening – Complete UCOP Screen
  2. Face Coverings – Wear at all times to limit spread
  3. Physical Distancing – Maintain a 6-ft. distance
  4. Hygiene and Sanitation – Wash hands and clean regularly
  5. Behavior – Hold yourself personally accountable

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  1. Stephanie Leider June 30, 2020 Reply

    Did you perhaps intend to provide links to UCOP Screen and the training? I couldn’t figure out how to view them.

    • Michelle Simone July 1, 2020 Reply

      Hi Stephanie — Thanks for your comment! This is an overview of what is planned in the coming weeks. We will provide access instructions for the tools in Link once they are ready for use.

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