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UCOP’s new financial and travel expense systems are now live

On July 1, 2020, UCOP went live with a new financial information system (Oracle Financials Cloud) and a new travel expense system (Concur Travel & Expense). These new systems change the way we:

  • Purchase goods and services
  • Book travel and obtain expense reimbursement
  • Process financial accounting transactions

Access the systems

Oracle Financials Cloud

  • Bookmark this page and validate your access now:
  • All UCOP employees can log in via the Company Single Sign-On button and are automatically granted access to submit purchase requisitions (requests to buy goods/services)
  • Select employees have additional access rights to conduct transactions based on their job functions (e.g., journal entries, accounts receivable, sponsored awards, etc.)
  • If an employee/contractor needs additional access rights beyond those granted to their role, a manager must submit this access request form on their behalf. Select “FIS” in the Application field

Concur Travel & Expense

  • Bookmark this page and validate your access now:
  • All UCOP employees can log in via Single Sign-On
  • “Proxies” in the former UCLA Express system are now called “delegates” in Concur. Your proxy settings do not transfer to the new system. To enable another employee to submit pre-travel requests and expense reports on your behalf, you must add them as a delegate in Concur. To do so, click Profile > Profile Settings > Request Delegates

Review training materials

You can find several resources including training presentations and recordings, step-by-step quick reference guides, and frequently asked questions on the Financial Information System SharePoint site. Log in using your UCOP Windows username (not your full email address) and password.

Please note: You can find your username by opening the Address Book in Outlook, searching for your name and scrolling to the Alias column. Your username is that alias combined with (example:

Receive live assistance

Throughout July we will hold Zoom office hours organized by various topics. Bring your questions/issues and be prepared to share your screen. Please close applications with sensitive or confidential information before connecting to the Zoom session. We still encourage you to report all issues via the ServiceNow incident form for tracking and follow-up.

Report an issue

If you experience a system issue, please report it via this ServiceNow incident form. In the Subject field, please include “FIS” and the topic (Procurement, General Ledger, Concur, etc.). Be as specific as possible in the Description field and attach a screenshot of the issue, if possible.


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