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The results are in: UCOP – COVID-19 Pulse Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a new experience for everyone, and for the past few months, we’ve been working diligently to help you navigate workplace changes and updates from university leadership, government officials and health care experts. Last month (from May 26 – June 12), we sent all UCOP staff a seven-question survey to assess our efforts and determine where additional support may be needed.

We received 886 survey responses — a remarkable 48% response rate — and 776 comments regarding current working conditions and communication, which ranged from telecommuting experiences to requests for additional information on return-to-onsite operations protocols. We have reviewed all comments individually and are using these suggestions to shape communications and actions moving forward. The overall survey rating was 87% favorable (rating the question “strongly agree” or “agree”).

Here is a summary of the results, paired with samples of the open-ended responses we received. View the full survey results online here (PDF).

92%: My supervisor is supportive of balancing the work and personal commitments that arise during COVID-19

  • “I am pleased with how my supervisor is supporting us throughout this unprecedented time. I feel valued and cared for.”
  • “My supervisor has been supportive of allowing my schedule to be flexible and trusts that I am completing work.”

90%: I am well-prepared to fulfill job duties under the current conditions

  • “It’s an intense time, but we are doing well and I have adjusted to working from home.”
  • “Being at home is less stressful for me. I am able to do my job and not have to worry about someone giving me COVID-19.”

89%: My department has been active in communicating how the current situation impacts our department

  • “I think communication has been good. I would like more definite answers about when we might return, but I appreciate that circumstances don’t allow for that and that we are all more or less playing a waiting game.”

88%: Overall, I am satisfied with how UCOP is managing the COVID-19 situation

  • “I appreciate UCOP being proactive to ensure employees are working efficiently and staying safe.”
  • “I appreciate the slow, measured response regarding returning to work as normal. I support the decision to work from home for as long as we need to in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

83%: UCOP cares about my well-being

  • “I’m glad to see that UCOP is putting safety first and is sympathetic to employees that have to care for elders and young children.”
  • “I believe UC responded very well to the pandemic. I’m happy to be a part of a thoughtful and humane organization.”

80%: I am satisfied with UCOP communications regarding the COVID-19 situation’s impact on operations and staff

  • “At first it was a little scary and uncertain, with a lot of email coming at us. It seemed to get more organized as the weeks went on, which was great. I’m overall pleased with the reaction/response.”
  • “During these trying times, I appreciate the information that is given by UCOP’s response team. Stay well!”
  • “I appreciate the communication that has gone out from OP especially around the new building and moving.”

Here are some other key takeaways:

  • Many of you enjoy telecommuting: “I am able to finish all my work remotely. I can spend more time on work and be more productive because of the savings in commute time.”
  • You’ve been able to rely on your colleagues: “The UC community has been very supportive. I belong to multiple affinity groups and the support from these groups has been phenomenal. My manager and my team are also supportive in helping me balance my work life and home life.”
  • And, you’re looking forward to reuniting with everyone soon: “I enjoy working from home but miss seeing everyone in the office!”

Thank you to everyone who shared thoughts and perspectives by completing the survey. For additional questions or comments, email

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