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PM-ILP: The newest acronym for leadership success

What are the fundamental qualities that help managers succeed when leading their teams? How can you as a people manager consistently and effectively demonstrate them?

If you’re a new or aspiring manager, the newly launched UCOP People Management Integrated Learning Program (PM-ILP) will give you the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to effectively lead your team.

A cohort approach to tried-and-true training

As a participant of the PM-ILP learning cohort, you’ll complete the 16 core courses that are part of the systemwide People Management Series & Certificate program from October 2020 to May 2021. Once a month, you’ll meet with colleagues in the cohort to share and exchange ideas around how to apply the skills you’ve learned within your teams. By the end of the series, you’ll be able to demonstrate how you’ve leveraged these new skills to become a more impactful leader.

This cohort approach to the People Management Series provides the opportunity to:

  • Talk with other colleagues about management-related topics
  • Collaborate with your cohort to gain insight into current challenges and successes
  • Get feedback on ideas and approaches to management
  • Share and discuss how to utilize performance management to improve practice

Everyone who attends will receive a People Management “Plus” certificate. In addition, upon completion of the PM-ILP, you’ll be eligible to attend the People Management Conference. Those who complete the People Management Series on their own are also eligible to attend.

Specifically designed to support new and aspiring managers

Wondering if the PM-ILP learning cohort is right for you? People who will benefit most from this program are:

  • People managers who have been in their role for less than five years: Learn essential skills to more effectively lead your team.
  • Individual contributors who aspire to manage people in the next two years: Acquire critical skills in advance to set yourself up for success.
  • Long-term people managers who have never received formal management training: Leverage your real-world experience with best practices to become a more impactful leader.

All participants will feel more confident and fulfilled in managing and leading teams.

Attend an informational session

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