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Two masks can be better than one against COVID-19

Person holding two masks

If you double mask, wear a disposable or surgical mask underneath and a cloth mask on the outside for a tight fit.

If one mask is good for protecting you against COVID-19, then two masks are even better. That is the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It issued new guidelines that say the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 — along with social distancing — is to wear either two masks, with the cloth mask outside a surgical mask, or one tightly fitted mask with two or more layers.

The CDC said lab tests showed people can reduce their exposure to the coronavirus by more than 95% if they wear two masks or adjust one surgical mask to fit more tightly by knotting the ear loops. The CDC report builds on a compilation of evidence by the Journal of the American Medical Association that demonstrates the effectiveness of masks against COVID-19.

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Mask-up in UCOP facilities

As a reminder, masks are required if you must come to a UCOP facility. If you have forgotten your own mask, masks are available, including N95s.

More information to mask-up properly

Check out the following resources from the CDC to help you mask-up properly wherever you go.

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