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Reminder: Take the UCOP Future of Work Staff Survey by Wednesday

Last week, we launched the UCOP Future of Work Survey — a 15-20 minute survey designed to gather staff input as we think about how UCOP can evolve and move our workplace forward. Much has changed in the past year and we want to take this opportunity to take a fresh look at our workplace needs and options.

You should have received an email from UCOP Future of Work Survey <>. If you have not received the survey, please contact for assistance.

What does the UCOP Future of Work survey cover?

The survey is designed to help you reflect on how you worked before the pandemic, consider your current work arrangements, and think through factors that may influence your future work location preferences. Your response does not commit you to a specific work arrangement, nor does it commit UCOP to provide any specific or preferred work arrangements.

It has five sections:

  1. Comparing your current work from home situation to your pre-pandemic work arrangements
  2. Assessing factors that influence your preferences for a future work arrangement
  3. Gathering your preferences for future work arrangements
  4. Gathering preferences from supervisors regarding future work arrangements
  5. Providing a space for open-ended comments

Are results anonymous?

Yes. To maintain the anonymity of the responses, the survey will not store any personally identifiable information (e.g., your name, IP address, email invite data or geo-location data). Results and comment themes will only be reported in aggregate.

For more questions, to share an idea or provide feedback, please contact

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