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D-TOKs! Delete, toss, or keep stuff—Take the 21 records challenge

Earth Day is coming up and Records Management is sponsoring a non-records purge event, April 22 – 29. The goal is to “D-TOKs” (delete, toss, or keep stuff) our space of unnecessary electronic non-records.

“Non-records” are materials of immediate value only that are not maintained as administrative records. They include things like data entry sheets, rough drafts, multiple copies of publications, and blank forms. Our “Is it a record?” decision tree can help determine if your document is a record. 

Take the cleanout challenge!

Most people think electronic files use less resources than paper documents, but digital files still cost money in storage and, when there’s a vast amount, increased retrieval time.

Take our cleanout challenge to reduce UCOP’s electronic footprint! Set aside just 15 minutes each day for a week, starting April 22, to D-TOKS the 21 types of electronic non-records. Here’s what to look for.

D-TOKS your inbox, Outlook data files, and email archive

  1. Zoom notifications
  2. Newsletter notifications, like Link or UCOP News Clips
  3. Social emails (lunch meetings, Zoom bingo, affinity group events)
  4. Scheduling emails
  5. Old drafts
  6. Convenience copies
  7. Professional organization/ conference emails
  8. Junk mail
  9. UCOP-L listserv emails
  10. Box notification emails (share, moved, uploaded)
  11. ServiceDesk blast emails
  12. Slack notifications
  13. Out of office responses
  14. Courtesy “cc” messages

D-TOKS your Box folders, shared drives, P-drives and SharePoint

  1. Duplicate file copies
  2. Old versions of documents
  3. Old drafts
  4. White papers
  6. Cookies
  7. Professional organization and/or conference materials

For more information on non-records and other records-management topics, check out our tips and training and retention schedule. Contact or (510) 987-0399 with any questions.

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