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Explore Philippine history with NAIPISA and APISA — first event on Wednesday

Two upcoming events sponsored by the Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander Staff Association (NAIPISA) and Asian Pacific Islander Staff Association (APISA) will highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

NAIPISA presents: Colonialism and Meta-Narratives in the Philippines — Decolonizing History through Community Archaeology among the Ifugao

This Wednesday, Stephen Acabado, Ph.D., associate professor of anthropology at UCLA, will unveil the fascinating history of Philippine Cordillerans. Although historical narratives describe highland communities as isolated and “untainted” by European and lowland cultures, new archaeological studies reveal that they had active and intense contacts with lowland and other highland groups, especially during the Spanish colonial period.  We’ll also explore how local histories and community engagement can facilitate the decolonization of history and knowledge production. The event will conclude with a question and answer session. Learn more about this event.

APISA presents: Assessment of the People Power Revolution from a Historical Perspective

On March 19, learn about the People Power Movement with Lisandro E. Claudio, Ph.D., assistant professor of South & Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley. Professor Claudio will provide a historical research perspective about the People Power Revolution in the Philippines that ousted Ferdinand Marcos. Discover how the People Power Revolution was dominated and influenced by the Catholic Church, political elites and the U.S., and the political context of Marcos and how his dictatorship ties into past and present U.S. political events.


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