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Grad students prepare to wow with 3-minute research talks

Get a glimpse into the incredible breadth of graduate research happening across the 10-campus University of California system by attending this year's Grad Slam competition.

How ‘good fire’ can help protect California’s forests

For millennia, Indigenous people in California used fire to cultivate landscapes and promote healthy growth. Today, the wisdom of that approach is seen as one of the keys to unraveling the deadly cycle of California wildfires.

Man sleeping

Why Congress is moving forward from turning the clocks forward

Changes to time, and routine, can mess with our sleep. That doesn't just hurt our physical health — it makes us lonely.

UC partners with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to sponsor biomarker testing bill

UC and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network are helping sponsor legislation to tailor cancer treatment approaches to a person’s individual condition.

Book cover

The extraordinary life of John Wesley Gilbert, the first Black archaeologist

A new book traces the pioneering scholar’s rise to national prominence in an era when African Americans often faced obstacles in obtaining even an elementary education.


UC San Diego takes blood cells to the final frontier

Researchers launched blood stem cells into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.


The 10 best research stories of 2021

Here are this year's most fascinating discoveries, from deep space to agriculture to mental health and gender identity.

Young girl opening present

Choose holiday children’s gifts that challenge gender stereotypes

Campbell Leaper, a UC Santa Cruz-based developmental and social psychologist with decades of experience studying gender issues, shares insights and gift-giving tips to help children benefit from a broad range of holiday toys.

Purple sweet potato pie

Make a color-popping Thanksgiving dessert

Try purple sweet potatoes instead of your typical sweet potato and you'll have an Instagram-worthy dessert that is as healthy as it is beautiful.