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12 incredible UC research breakthroughs in 2022

Amazing research has emerged from every corner of every campus, lab, medical center and division of the University of California this year that will benefit our state, country and the world for years to come. 

Hundreds of UC faculty named among the world’s most influential researchers

More than 330 University of California researchers, hailing from all 10 campuses, were among those named among the most influential in their fields, according to Clarivate’s 2022 Highly Cited Researchers list.

Learn how to apply for and manage research, training or public-service grants

Attend the RPAC open house on grant-sponsored projects for everything you need to know about applying for, accepting and managing grant funds.

Jay Lund, Ph.D.

The UC Center Sacramento explores the future of water in California

Jay Lund, Ph.D., of UC Davis will explain the history of water in California and what we can expect due to future projections.

Jose Pablo Ortiz-Partida, Ph.D., will speak on environmental justice

Dr. Ortiz will discuss research and findings from a large-scale environmental justice study he conducted in the San Joaquin Valley.

LA skyline rendered in pink hues

New Fig. 1 video: Heat waves aren’t going away

They’re getting hotter and more dangerous instead. By mid-century, triple-digit temperatures could be the norm during a third of the year in some California cities.

Love potion in a bottle

Why does love feel magical? It’s an evolutionary advantage

It’s not logical to believe your relationship is “meant to be.” But believing in destined love may have its purpose.

Grad students prepare to wow with 3-minute research talks

Get a glimpse into the incredible breadth of graduate research happening across the 10-campus University of California system by attending this year's Grad Slam competition.

How ‘good fire’ can help protect California’s forests

For millennia, Indigenous people in California used fire to cultivate landscapes and promote healthy growth. Today, the wisdom of that approach is seen as one of the keys to unraveling the deadly cycle of California wildfires.

Man sleeping

Why Congress is moving forward from turning the clocks forward

Changes to time, and routine, can mess with our sleep. That doesn't just hurt our physical health — it makes us lonely.