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UC Heath researchers working with samples in a lab

UC Health advances research for patients with diabetes

By harnessing the power of integrated data and advanced analytics with methods from causal inference, machine learning and in-depth sensitivity analysis, a UC Health research team essentially summarized a decade of clinical data in about an hour. 

Tired, distracted woman trying to pay attention

How to sharpen your attention and meet your goals in 2024

It's a great time to reclaim your attention span and find your focus, using these helpful tips from the UC Newsroom!

UC researcher working at computer

UC researchers use health data to find actionable insights

UC researchers are making groundbreaking use of information from electronic health records to fast-track breakthrough insights in medical practice and treatment.

Woman holding cleaning products

Learn about the occupational risks and consumer products contributing to breast cancer

Join the California Breast Cancer Research Program for its inaugural virtual conference.

Whale in front of a container ship

New Fig. 1: Saving whales with breakthrough tech

UC's vibrant Fig. 1 video series has created a new video to celebrate new technology that is helping preserve whales.

Fig. 1 video: The surprising benefits of stress

Discover why experiencing short bursts of stress, like before a big test, can actually be beneficial for your body.

UC researcher standing on the beach in California

Physicians and scientists explore new ways of addressing the climate-health crisis with patients

The University of California Center for Climate, Health and Equity recently convened a series of discussions around new evidence and tools for addressing the climate-health crisis.

Ingenious discoveries from a year of UC research

In 2023, every campus, lab and medical center discovered findings that benefit our health, happiness and the fate of our planet. 

Fig. 1: Why it’s so hard to predict California’s El Niño Winter this year

In the latest Fig. 1 video, UCLA scientist Daniel Swain — the go-to expert for understanding California's unique weather patterns and climate — sheds light on the peculiarities of this winter's weather.