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Updated guidelines for UCOP business travelers

Effective July 1, 2021, UCOP returned to our pre-pandemic travel guidance and business travel no longer requires the travel exceptional approval that was instituted during the pandemic.

Please take note, however, of these current requirements:

  • UCOP travelers must follow the CDC guidelines for travel in the U.S. and international travel. Check the guidelines often, as COVID-19 conditions change frequently.
  • All departments should stay within their travel and meeting budget for the FY21-22 budget year. Travel budgets remain at reduced levels due to budget constraints and reduced travel during the pandemic. Before purchasing travel:
    • Confirm that there is sufficient budgeted funding.
    • Work with your supervisor to be sure they are aware of and support your travel requests.

Considering travel? Keep the following in mind.

Before planning travel for yourself or your team, consider these factors:

  • Your employees may not have the flexibility to travel, due to COVID-19 precautions and/or continued family commitments. (Some families may not have been able to return to normal child-care arrangements.)
  • Are there options to participate remotely? Travel only if in-person attendance is required.
  • If possible, send fewer members to represent your team at Regents meetings, conferences and other events.
  • Prices remain higher than usual as the travel industry slowly recovers — please check prices on alternative transportation and lodging. (For example, price rental cars vs. Lyft/Uber/taxis, research flexible flight options and price Airbnb vs. hotels.)
  • Book early for the cheapest flights and best availability. Many routes are still limited, particularly with direct flights.
  • Airline capacity is still in flux. Flight cancellations are more frequent than prior to the pandemic.
  • Plan ahead for meals while traveling, as airports and in-flight options may be limited.
  • Check the status of services’ availability at your destination location.
  • Submit your travel request in Concur to receive approval before booking.

Travel and entertainment (T&E) corporate cards

BRC is beginning the process of reopening T&E corporate cards for use for travel. We hope to have all cards open by Sept. 1. If you are traveling and need to use your T&E card before that date, please contact

UCOP on-site meeting availability

If you’re planning a hosted, on-site meeting at a UCOP facility, please note the estimated opening dates:

  • UCOP Oakland Broadway/Franklin Campus: After Aug. 15, 2021, limited on-site meetings may be permitted. Availability will increase beginning Sept. 15.  The large conference rooms (Lobby 1, Lobby 2, UCOP Conference Center) will be available beginning Nov. 1, 2021.
  • UCPath Center: Availability for on-site events will begin after Aug. 1. Check with UCPath leadership prior to booking on-site events until UCPath is fully re-opened.
  • UCDC: After Aug. 1, contact Mac Hamlett.
  • Sacramento: After Aug. 1, contact Kelley Ogden

For more information about UCOP events, please contact the Business Resource Center at


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