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Reminder: Complete your COVID-19 Vaccination Policy compliance now

In order to comply with the UC systemwide COVID-19 vaccination policy that was issued in July, you must do one of the following immediately, as the Sept. 1, 2021 deadline has passed — regardless of when you plan to return to the office:

  • Provide proof of vaccination
  • Submit a request for an exception or deferral (You may request an exception for a medical or disability exception, pregnancy deferral or religious objection.)

Thank you to all who have responded and are in compliance with this important UC requirement.

If you need to upload your proof of vaccination or request an exemption or deferral, please go to UCOP COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker and follow the instructions.

If you have not either provided proof of vaccination or submitted a request for exception or deferral, your building access badge has been deactivated and you will receive your first notice of noncompliance.

Frequently asked questions 

Does the COVID-19 vaccination policy apply to me?
The policy applies to all represented and non-represented UCOP employees, including contract employees and TOPS employees.

I’m not planning to come on-site until January 2022. Do I need to comply with the policy by September 1?
Yes. The September 1 deadline, which has passed, is not dependent on your next visit to a UC facility. As both vaccine proofs and exemptions are reviewed manually, there will be a delay between your submission and approval. Don’t wait until you need to come on-site.

If I’m not in an essential role, why might I need to come on-site?
You will need to be policy-compliant to come to the office for any reason, for any amount of time, after Sept. 1. This includes:

  • Completing an on-site task
  • Working in or being assigned to an essential on-site role
  • Attending appointments with ITCS, BASC or other on-site teams
  • Using the mailroom or Franklin Business Center
  • Accessing or retrieving items from your workspace, stored items or ergonomic equipment
  • Visiting a conference room, interim workspace or hoteling space

Where can I find more information about the policy implementation?
For more information about the proof of vaccination or exception/deferral process, visit the UCOP COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Implementation page. For questions about completing the online tracker, email


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