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University of California Health signs Health Equity Pledge

University of California Health has joined approximately 40 leading organizations in signing the Health Equity Pledge, committing to collect data about race, ethnicity, language and sex, then share what they learn to develop best practices.

“The lack of data on health care outcomes by race, ethnicity, language and sex has kept the deep level of health disparities in our state and nation hidden. We need this information to be able to identify specific areas for actionable change that will make a difference in improving health equity,” says Dr. Carrie L. Byington, executive vice president, University of California Health, and a co-chair of the Health Evolution Forum Workgroup. Once we can see patterns better through this additional data, we can tailor and test approaches to improve outcomes for people from groups that have not experienced the benefits of our health care systems on an equal basis.”

Read the full story from the University of California Health Newsroom

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